Social Events

Gala dinner - Wieliczka Salt Mine, 10.05.2016 (Tuesday)      
Bus departure: 18.00 - Qubus hotel ( venue ) 
Legend has it that the salt mines in Wieliczka were part of the dowry of the Hungarian princess, Kinga when she wed Bolesław the Shy over 700 years ago, making the Wieliczka Salt Mine one of the oldest in all of Europe. Over the centuries, devout and superstitious, miners have carved fabulous figures, monuments and altarpieces out of its salt walls. These amazing works of art, in addition to the mine's historical importance, have earned the Wieliczka Salt Mine a place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.Our route through the mine leads you through galleries and chambers on three levels, from 64 to 135 meters below the ground, including the unique and richly ornamented Chapel of the Blessed Kinga.
Suggested scenario of the evening:
Meeting at the venue, transfer to the Wieliczka which is situated 14 km from Krakow. 
Miner’s band dressed in gala suits welcomes the guests in front of the Salt Mine. An aperitif is served – a glass of Polish liqueur. Guests are divided into groups  (one guide takes max. 35 people due to restricted Mine’s rules). Everybody goes down the mine by stairs. Tour lasts about 1 hour and ends at the Warszawa Chamber, where the sited  dinner will be served. After that a lift will take guests to the surface. Coach transfer to the venue.
Price: EUR 75,-/ accompanying person
This tour is not recommended for people with claustrophobia.
Temperature inside 14 C degrees.


Barbecue - Zalesie Mannor, 11.05.2016 ( Wednesday) 
Bus departure: 18.00 - Qubus hotel ( venue ) 
It is a beautiful complex surrounded by fields, forests and breathtaking mountain views, situated about 16 km from Krakow. It also comprises a small museum of farming implements dating from the 19th c.
Suggested scenario of the evening:
Meeting at the venue, transfer to Folwark Zalesie takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic. On arrival guests will be welcomed by a band of folk musicians wearing Krakow region folk costumes and, in accordance with Polish tradition, offered "bread and salt" as well as a glass of home-made liqueur. Guest will taste typical Polish cuisine and some barbecue dishes. 
During the evening guests will be entertained by a folk band. After dinner coach transfers to the venue.
Price: EUR 60,-/accompanying person 

Gala Dinner and Barbecue are included in conference fee.