NI Radar School



                               Radar School at MRW 2016


   Radar School is a hands-on workshop organized by National Instruments    in  cooperation with Institute of Electronic Systems at Warsaw University of  Technology during MRW 2016 conference.



With the growing complexity of modern radiolocation systems engineers and scientists that design them need tools to accelerate that process and allow to quickly go from simulation, through prototype, up to final product. This workshop is aimed at showing the full toolchain proposed by National Instruments for that purpose. Participants will get an introduction to AWR Visual Systems Simulator as a tool to quickly simulate and analyze their system. Then NI LabVIEW allows for quick algorithm design and verification on software defined radio (SDR) hardware.  


When: 9. May 2016  

  • Morning session:                 08:00 – 12:00
  • Afternoon session:              13:30 – 17:30


Where: MRW Conference Venue, Qubus Hotel Kraków, Room H



Introduction to FMCW radar theory

45 minutes

Hands-on workshop part 1: Simulation of complete FMCW radar using Visual System Simulator

90 minutes


15 minutes

Hands-on workshop part 1: NI LabVIEW as a tool to quickly iterate on radiolocation algorithms  

90 minutes


There will be 2 identical sessions organized – please register to only one. Time slots and agenda subject to minor modifications. This event is available free of charge to all participants of MIKON and IRS 2016 conferences. Lunch and coffee breaks are provided as part of MIKON conference, so IRS participants are requested to cover also the conference fee for 9. May.


In case of any questions please contact the workshop organizer at: [email protected]