NI prize contest

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National Instruments Students Contest on Radar Systems

Modern radar systems are very complex and depend heavily on advanced signal processing algorithms to improve the detection. At the same time, the radio frontend must meet specifications that are often a combination of available devices, implementation of technologies, regulatory constraints, requirements from the system and signal processing.  To overcome these challenges, there is increasing need for cooperation between digital and RF/microwave engineers such that the overall system performance metrics are jointly optimized across the two disparate domains.  This has led to the trend for concurrent design and test flows to optimize product development cycles and reduce product development time.
The system life cycle (Fig.1) of such complex systems goes through several phases that involve different stakeholders, processes, and technologies. So, all the decisions made in the early stages of a project affect long-term requirements such as productivity, costs, and time-to-market.

Fig.1 System Life Cycle - Source: “Systems Engineering: Program Empowerment for 21st Century Aerospace Projects”, IEEE A&E Systems Magazine, December 2014.

The objective of this student paper contest is to promote innovative techniques and state-of-the-art products and technologies that can be used to design, prototype and test radar systems and sub-systems. Students should demonstrate how measurements can be used as the link between design and test. The demonstration should show how design and test efforts to be performed separately and yet to effectively be aligned for the overall system requirements enabling fewer design-test iterations thereby reducing the development time.
National Instruments is glad to offer the following Award to the students who will submit the best paper on radar design, prototype and test using NI tools chain (NI LabVIEW, NI VSS and NI hardware):
  • Winner:
    • Author (student)
      • € 200
    • Department/Professor
      • 2x NI USRP-RIO Software Defined Radio with 120MHz of bandwidth and PXIe Interface Kits.
To take part in competition,  please send an email
to [email protected]
with cc: to [email protected]
with your name, university you represent and title of presentation that you have submitted to IRS or MIKON conference.


The contest submission deadline is 31st March 2016. Participants are limited to BSC, MSC and PHD students of European universities. Winners will be announced during the closing session of MRW.